Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

As summer approaches, there is no better time to incorporate Mason jars into home decorations and events. Mason jars are timeless and classy; they can be used from everything to serving drinks at an outdoor barbeque to storing fruits for jams and preservatives. Aside from their food-related uses, Mason jars are also useful for upcycling. Here is one of my favorite ideas, inspired by the link above.

Mason jar soap dispenser:

  1. Mason jar and lid
  2. Pump from a lotion/shampoo bottle

To create:

  • Mark center of the lid with a marker
  • Measure radius of the base of the pump and mark onto underside of the lid
  • Tap a small hole into the lid using a screwdriver and hammer
  • Use needle nose pliers to peel back the hole until it is just slightly larger than the stem of the pump
  • Insert the pump into the hole you made (the base of the pump should cover the hole, so it doesn’t need to fit perfectly)
  • Hot glue the base of the pump to the lid
  • Cut the stem so that it fits into the jar
  • Enjoy!

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